Whereoscope 2.0 for iPhone – subscriptions and user accounts!

Hi all,

We’re very happy to announce that version 2.0 of the iPhone client has been approved by Apple.

Download Whereoscope

There are some big changes in this version, the biggest of which is: we are rolling out the subscription-based pricing model.

Our existing 12,000+ users on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch will never be charged – we are very grateful to all of you for helping us build our product in the early days. As many of you know, our business model for Whereoscope was always based on subscriptions, but we wanted to trust our initial user base and ensure they were rewarded for their trust in us.

For new users, we’re starting off with an introductory rate: $0.99 per month.

  • This subscription is for your family, regardless of how many people are in it
  • Try it for free (currently 30 days) before you have to pay anything
  • You can buy longer subscription periods at discount rates: $4.99 for 6 months, and $19.99 for a lifetime

This subscription is linked to your email address, so if you change iPhones or switch from iPhone to Android, your subscription will still be the same.

Version 2.0 also has a whole slew of other new features, including:

  • Sharing of your profile image between phones (sorry it took us so long!)
  • Background location support for iPad
  • Searches your iPhone address book by email address when adding family members
  • Accept invitations inside Whereoscope, instead of having to switch to email
  • See the time you’ve spent in each location

Exciting times ahead, and more news to come!




3 Responses to Whereoscope 2.0 for iPhone – subscriptions and user accounts!

  1. MrCrikey says:

    Now that you’ve moved to family-based subscriptions, does everyone who uses whereoscope have to use the same email address and password to login (in the app)?

    • Mick says:

      No. If Mick is in a family with James, they both log in with their own email address.

      If Mick has paid the subscription, that subscription applies to the James account.

      Also, Mick can log in to any device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Web) with the same email/password.

      Does that answer the question?

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