Whereoscope 1.1 for Android — Android 2.1 Support!

We’ve just released version 1.1 for Android!

Get it here (Market) or here (AppBrain), or scan this QR Code on your phone:

We’d planned to just make this a bugfix release while we wait to hear what features people really want on Android, but we got some of that feedback much sooner than expected, so this update is a bit bigger than we’d planned. Here’s what’s new:

  • Android 2.1 support! — we had no idea how many of you were still on Android 2.1. Whereoscope is now fully functional on Android 2.1, with two exceptions: it cannot respond to remote location update requests, and it can’t receive notification messages about arrival or departure. It does do always-on location updating in the background, can request a location update from an Android 2.2 phone or an iPhone, and will let you explore you and your family’s location, along with a history of your movements.
  • Improved handling of network errors — bottom line: this version is more reliable than its predecessor.
  • We fixed our icon — it now appears correctly in Android Market and AppBrain, and on low-res screens. Thanks to everyone who wrote in about this!
  • Now remembers the email address used for login — we know, it’s easy to forget which one you used.
  • Sounds, vibrations and lights on notifications. 1.0 sent messages to you about people arriving at or departing places, but they just silently went into the notifications bar where you wouldn’t see them unless you looked. 1.1 will flash the phone’s light blue, make a sound and vibrate. We hope this means you’ll see notifications sooner and that they’ll be more useful because of this. Let us know what you think of this.
  • Login improvements — there’s now a bit more explanation about what’s going on instead of the stark “login or signup (or else!)” screen. We hope it’s a bit less frightening.
  • Log battery level to server — this should be invisible to you, but will help us to monitor what effect we’re having on your battery and improve it over time.

The response to the Android release has exceeded our expectations; we’re very happy to see everyone jumping on board. As with our iPhone version, we monitor GetSatisfaction very closely for questions, comments and suggestions, or you can always email us directly — just hit “reply” on any of our emails (we read every single response), or send an email to support.


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