Thanks to all our translators!

Hey all,

As you know, a month ago we asked Whereoscope users around the world if they could help us out with translations, in exchange for tshirts.

We were blown away by the response, and are proud to announce that as of version 1.5 we have Whereoscope in 7 languages! Download it now at:

Download Whereoscope

Our sincere thanks go to:

  • Kanako from California for the Japanese translation
  • Zhiqiu from Duke University for the Chinese (Simplified) translation – check out his blog
  • Eduardo Martin Pailos from Spain for the Spanish translation – check out his awesome web coach company
  • Rafal from Poland for the Polish translation
  • Vini from Australia for the Portuguese (Brazilian) translation
  • Fon from Australia for the Thai translation
  • Jonas Huckestein from California for the German translation – check out his launchpad of awesomeness
  • Burak from Turkey for the Turkish translation (since version 2.0) – check out his home page
  • Rios Tam from Hong Kong for the Chinese (Traditional) translation (since version 2.0) – check out his home page

Where possible, we’ve also localized the App Store description, although not all languages are supported in the App Store.

We’d also like to thank Chelsea, who’s been working super-hard replying to all our Japanese users on Twitter and email.

James & I are really thankful for all the feedback we get!!



2 Responses to Thanks to all our translators!

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  2. […] also updated our translations page to reflect the new translations that have come in – thanks Rios & […]

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