Version 1.5 is out!

Hi all,

Version 1.5 is finally finally out! Get it now at the iPhone AppStore.

Download Whereoscope

New features in this version include:

  • Faster to startup when re-opening the application
  • Much more reliable background updating. It should update at least every 10 minutes or so, even when stationary
  • On the various map screens you can see a circle indicating the accuracy of the location data. If associated with a ‘Place’, you’ll see another circle for that place.
  • On the “Everyone” map, tapping on a particular person jumps to their screen so you can zoom in on where they are.

Thanks for being patient!! I’ll be publishing another blog post soon thanking all our translators for this version!


2 Responses to Version 1.5 is out!

  1. Henk Paardekooper says:


    I have this app on my Iphone4, but it updates very slow. If i look at my sons position now, it shows a position on the highway yesterday. Can I do something about this?


  2. Mick says:

    Hi Henk,

    I’m going to answer here in a way that should still protect your privacy – let me know if you want the post removed.

    It looks like there are a couple of issues:
    * Your son’s phone is still using version 1.4, which is not as reliable as 1.5
    * Your son is often in positions where the location accuracy is 3km. We typically don’t show that information. A couple of things to check:
    – Is he indoors?
    – Does he have WiFi turned on? (It doesn’t need to be connected to WiFi, just to have the switch turned to on so the phone can access the WiFi positioning system)
    * You are also on version 1.4

    Notably, if you update both phones to version 1.5, you will see a new button down the bottom right called “Refresh”. This will allow you to force his phone to update.

    Please email me if you have more questions at!


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