Version 1.4 is out!

Hey all,

Version 1.4 has finally been approved by Apple.

Download Whereoscope

We were planning to release 1.3 first, but the issues on OS 4.1 necessitated pulling that release and going with 1.4 instead. So there’s quite a bit in this release!

  • Background tracking works again on OS 4.1 devices
  • More than 4 people / family allowed – swipe to move between pages on the Home Screen
  • iPad support (but no background tracking until OS 4.2)
  • iPod Touch support (again, no background tracking)
  • You can tap on the Address button on the Place screen to jump straight into the Maps application
  • Easier to add Place notifications in the History feed
  • Family members always in the same positions on the Home Screen
  • Japanese localization
  • Other bug fixes

We have several people working on translations for version 1.5 – planning to get them all rolled in by the end of the week so if you can help please contact us. and get a free Whereoshirt!



4 Responses to Version 1.4 is out!

  1. DougS says:

    I was just coming to the website for the first time in a few weeks, wondering if there were any new updates coming that would fix the issues with background tracking, and all I had to do was check for updates on my phone! Nice timing!

    My wife has discovered that this is an excellent tool for finding out which one of us is closer to an errand that needs to be done, so I have been getting quite a few texts asking to pick up things on my way home lately. Thanks a lot guys!!! hehe

  2. Mick says:

    Hi Doug,

    Great to know!! And sorry about the issues with OS 4.1, hopefully they’ve all been ironed out now.

    Out of curiosity, it would be great to know whether your wife is using the in-app SMS button, or seeing the push notification and then starting the main SMS app?


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