Email Problems

We’ve hit an issue with our system for sending out emails to everyone to help them get started with Whereoscope. This was a new system we introduced a couple of days ago, and we’ve had a few teething problems with it. Basically what would happen is that it would send an email out suggesting that you should try adding some places to be notified about, and then the system would promptly “forget” that it had done this, so it would do exactly the same thing the next day.

What this all means is that some of you will have received an email every day for the last 3 days with the subject line “Try adding n places”. I’m very sorry if you’ve been affected by this — it wasn’t our intention to blast you with email. We’ve now got a fix in place, and I’ll be watching the system very carefully over the next few days to ensure that nothing else goes wrong with it.

Sorry again, and thanks for your patience!

James Gregory,
CTO & Co-Founder.

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