TechCrunch: YC-Funded Whereoscope Gives Parents An Easy Way To Track Where Their Kids Are

TechCrunchJason Kincaid at TechCrunch wrote a great article about us!

I wanted to fill out some more detail on one of the sections:

It’s also worth pointing out that while there are other location tracking services available, like Google’s Latitude, most parents will probably prefer a dedicated service where there’s no concept of a social network or the possibility that a child might change their privacy settings to something more public.

We think this is pretty key for families. All of the parents I’ve talked to have been very leery of the idea of their child just handing over their location data to anyone. Of course it’s unlikely for kids to directly give it to anyone malicious, but as we’ve seen in social networks, once information becomes public in any way it’s very hard to restrict its use.

That’s why at Whereoscope we deliberately don’t have the feature of adding friends. We believe the increased security and privacy more than outweighs the potential viral component. We will be encouraging parents to tell other parents they know, and have a planned program where inviting 5 other parents means you get the first month free – that’s a viral marketing strategy we believe doesn’t compromise our principles.

(Once again I’m late at posting this article – it was published last Thursday, but at least I’m getting faster!)


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