Lifehacker: Whereoscope Turns Your Kid’s iPhone Into a Real-Time Locator

Lifehacker articleJason Fitzpatrick wrote a really nice piece about Whereoscope.

It was slightly inaccurate – Whereoscope hasn’t been approved but ChildPulse has, but the analysis was excellent! From the article:

Once you’ve installed and set up the application you specify locations that your kid frequently visits like the homes of friends, school, etc. and you’ll be notified when they come and go from those locations. The location-based notifications are the strongest selling point for Whereoscope, the majority of iPhone tracking tools simply report the location of the phone.

We couldn’t agree more. We’ve tried out almost all of the location-based tools out there – and we believe Whereoscope is in another class when it comes to being useful. On several occasions I’ve been out and about when I get a notification that James is getting coffee at Bean Scene (a local Sunnyvale cafe). I wouldn’t have thought to check up on his location but the information arrived at the perfect time without me having to do anything.

We think this will make both parents and kids lives much easier. For the parents – no more calling to check if they’ve got home. For the kids, no more having to call Mom or Dad and let them know you’re home ok – you’ll know that they know.


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