Geek with Laptop: Whereoscope uses latest smartphone technology to track your kids

Geek with LaptopGeek with Laptop just wrote a pretty nifty article focusing on the geofencing and battery consumption elements.’whereoscope’-uses-latest-smartphone-technology-to-track-your-kids

I’m not sure where their screenshot came from 🙂 But the author (Sasha? Jac?) was spot on with some of his questions e.g.

However, what if your child gets so absorbed in what they’re doing they forget to let you know, or don’t want to call you, or aren’t telling you exactly where they are?

This is really at the heart of Whereoscope’s value proposition. We’re not about helping parents spy on kids, or foster distrust. But if you’re a teenager and you’re busy riding your bike or playing soccer or chatting about cartoons or any of the million other things that consume your daily life, remembering to always check in with Mom or Dad just isn’t going to be top of your list! Kids in general aren’t malicious or devious – the time I spent teaching Junior High School convinced me of this. They’re just busy doing their own thing.

That’s why Whereoscope makes life easier for them and their parents. Their parents get the info they want, and the kid can keep doing whatever they were doing anyway. And when Mom comes to pick them up from soccer, the kid can see how long until she arrives.


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